My Love,

I know it hasn’t been easy for you. Having to learn everything a woman wants in a relationship, having to open up asap, having to develop some new skills that are out of your comfort zone and a sense of partnership and communication that you never needed before. And most of all, having to learn and develop all that next to a woman like me. Oh, I know it’s not easy being with a woman like me - challenging, pushy, bossy, stubborn, tenacious, strong, ambitious, never settling and talkative. This whole process is not easy and it never will be. Because it’s greatness. Have you ever seen anyone win any medal and in general accomplish anything great whilst keeping chill and cozy in their comfort zone? I don’t want us to be random, I don’t want our relationship to be mediocre, I don’t see in you a good man. I see in you a great man. And I plan to make you my great man. That’s why I push and challenge you, that’s why I ask for a lot. And I can’t promise I will ever stop asking for a lot, but what I can promise you is that I will always respond with a lot as well. And yes, you got yourself a challenging woman who never leaves you be, but another type woman will not be able to make you these promises on our anniversary or any other occasion:  

1. I will always grab the wheel when you’re lost, down or tired. I will always take control, keep you focused, have your back.
2. I will offer you a home where you can cry, laugh, be a man, be a child, be comfortable, not shower sometimes, be the best and the worst version of yourself - both of them are accepted and loved here.
3. Your happiness means the world to me. I will always make you laugh. I’m funny like that. 
4. I will always give you guidance, support, help, direction, feedback, with your best interest at heart and no one else’s, not even mine.
5. I will always be honest, speak the truth and nothing but the truth, promising I will only deceive you when I’m making you a surprise.
6. I will always be your best friend, your soldier, your mom, your housewife, your balance, motivation, your cheerleader, hope and inner strength.
7. I will always pray for you and your well-being.
8. I will always care for you and take care of you.
9. I will always love you.
10. I will always be here.

You’re doing a wonderful job, your progress is amazing. You, the man standing in front of me today, does not compare to the boy I met 5 years ago… Our story has developed, we have grown. You have grown. I hope you see and know that. I’m excited to see you and cheer for you in the next steps of your evolution as a man as well. And if you find yourself doubting everything, yourself, me or us, I hope you can look back to the lonely boy and compare him to the confident, handsome, caring, attentive, intelligent, communicative, family and career-oriented, ambitious, strong and wise man you’re turning into. You’re on your way to creating a wonderful life for yourself and for us. Keep that in mind. Keep the kids, the wife, the car, the career, the garden, the vacations, the accomplishments in mind as your end goal, every time you trip. And I’ll be there to pick you up. I hope you will realize all of that next to me. I’m striving myself to become a better woman every day. For you, for myself, for my future children. And if you don’t ever give up, if you choose me and this even though it will not always be easy and if you continue to grow in front of my eyes and count on me, talk to me, care for me like you started to do, one day I’m going to give you something I never gave another man before - my life. Till then, you have my heart. And the promise I will always love and take care of you. You’re a good man, don’t ever settle for anything less than the highest version of yourself. I see it. And one day you will see it too and fall in love with yourself as I did 5 years ago when I looked into your heart.

Happy anniversary, my Love. I hope this is just the first one from 60 more to come that we get to celebrate together.

Don’t ever leave.

Forever Yours,

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